Not to be confused with the Eliwan that helps make the game.

Biography (Kyuna)Edit

Eliwan is a 16-year old prince-like figure.

He's a bit obsessed with books, specifically with anti-curses for some reason. He's friends with Kyogia, and amply calls him "Kyo."

Eliwan himself can be bold and foregoing, or shy and reclusive. He is knowledgable among a plethora of subjects due to his bookworm habits. However, he is not polished or well-versed on many of these, as he is more focused on finding some cure for something, that he himself cannot remember what. The one thing he knows of it is that it involves a curse of some sort. 

He has a sister, named Elryhna. She is dependable and usually Eliwan's crutch for when he is unstable, mentally, emotionally, and even physically on occasion.


Eliwan has firey red hair, and tends to be a bit rash. He likes to cast spells, and is very skilled with a sword. He wears garb that either befits a magefighter or a mage, depending on the day. Usually, however, he wears shoulder-armor and a nearly sky blue cloak.

He sheathes his sword beside his left hip, swiftly drawing it when occasion arises. In a fight, he will often draw figures in the air with his fingers or sword while casting a spell- one of his tics is that he draws certain runes. For some of his longer spells, he creates slips of paper with most of the spell pre-done, so that he can cast it quickly enough to make it of use.


Eliwan is a companion, and follows a leader- but if none is present, he can fill that role well himself. He usually likes to run from a fight or two- but wouldn't hesitate to get the fight done if the enemy threatens his friends.

He claims, sometimes, that his source for his physical weakness is that he wasn't using magic to bolster it- something he actually does often. Eliwan closes his eyes often, and can see any magical forces at work by shifting his magic around. This also bolsters his own magic's effectiveness and turns his eyes green.