Kyogia as a child

As a child, Kyogia was friends with Remy and trained on the outskirts of the Kyunan Castle. He received his two blades from his father. His two blades are called the Aquice and the Storm Blade, both which are blessed with the Aquice and Storm Spirit, respectively.

Kyogia's parents were lost in a fire caused by a meteor shower cast by Thanatos. Ever since then, he's been living in Velena with Xent, the only remaining Kyunan Knight left, and Remy, his childhood friend.


Kyogia in Kyuna (game)

Kyogia is a 16-year old, born on February 23rd, and is the main protagonist of all the Kyunan games so far. He was born in the Kyunan Castle and his possible party members in Kyuna 2 are Remy (as he grew up with Remy), Runia (a red mage who he met in the Aquata Dungeon), Xent (a Kyunan Knight who took care of him after his parents were lost in the meteor shower), Steven (a Gunner who is the owner of the ship near the port), Arcana (an archer who helps Kyogia get the Healing Water for Runia), and Elena (who is a chemist in Snowcap, a city in the snowing region).

His class in Kyuna 1 is a Runeslasher, which is a swordsman/magician hybrid. He can wield two weapons or one weapon with a shield at once.


As a child, Kyogia wears a blue shirt and a purple robe over it, and is eight years old. His robe has a green emblem on it. He received his robe from his mother, who made the robe herself.

Kyogia had brown hair and sapphire eyes in Kyuna 2 as a teenager. In Kyuna 1 his hair covers his head a bit more, but in Mythian it is brushed to the side, showing his face more.


Kyogia in Mythian after meeting the Essence of Darkness

In Mythian, after he was spirit frozen from the Essence of Darkness, his eyes turned a darkish purple, revealing the power of darkness that lies inside him.
Kyogia 3

Kyogia in Mythian before meeting the Essence of Darkness