Kyuna - Seires (Spellbook)

Kyuna - Seires (Spellbook)


Seires is the most basic Ice-type spell that Kyogia learns in Kyuna. He starts out with Seires in his Spellbook.


[Spellbook] A basic ice spell that inflicts splash damage.
It hits twice and has a chance to freeze.

Skill InformationEdit

MP Cost

AoE Hit Rate # of Hits Incantation Damage Formula Secondary Effect
16 One target (80 radius) 100% 2 "Rinani kinari!" (a.mat * 3 - b.mdf * 1.5) * 1.2 Freeze (15%)

Tips and DetailsEdit

  • This skill is useful because of the decent splash range and freeze effect. It also has no cooldown, which makes the skill spammable to an extent.
  • This skill used to have a 100% freeze effect with no cooldown, enabling an infinite freeze lock to the enemy. A freeze lock can still be done (Sprint + Seires spam), but it is harder to pull off.
  • As of 3/3/2013, this skill was nerfed. The MP cost jumped from 12 to 16 and the damage formula was lowered. The freeze chance also reduced from 35% to 15%.